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Clinical Nutrition is the use of food and nutritional supplementation to bring about the proper balance of nutrients in the body in order to treat and prevent illness. Humans have certain nutritional requirements, both in terms of a daily minimum caloric intake and daily requirements of micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber, etc. In the United States and other developed countries, caloric intake is usually, though not always, adequate, and typically it is excessive. Unfortunately, even here in the U.S., with all the food we consume, we often see diets that are unhealthy, nutritionally poor, and deficient in key nutrients. Most nutrients can and should be obtained in the diet, with supplementation generally playing a secondary role, though supplementation of targeted nutrients can be very effective at treating specific ailments. The healthiest diet for each patient can vary slightly, depending on food allergies and other factors, but there are some general guidelines that can be very helpful in promoting health and preventing disease. A healthy diet is truly the foundation for good health and longevity.

Botanical Medicine, also known as herbal medicine, is the use of medicinal plants for health and healing. Humans have used many plants to treat illness for thousands of years. Modern studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of some plants for treating various ailments. With botanical medicines, not only is it important to choose the correct plant medicine, but the quality of the herbal product prescribed is essential. How medicinal plants are grown, when they are harvested, and how they are processed is important in their effectiveness. Furthermore, some plant remedies are like food while some must be used with more care as their medicine is very potent. Some herbs are contraindicated for some patients, and there can be interactions with prescription drugs. It is wise to have the guidance of a naturopathic physician or herbalist trained in the proper use of herbal medicines.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is over 200 years old. It uses highly diluted compounds to support the natural vitality of the body and to promote healing. It can be used safely in conjunction with prescription and herbal medicines to help the healing process.

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