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"Dr. Kimberley Horner is fantastic!! Medical doctors had failed to treat my osteoporosis, allergies, high blood pressure, and fibroids with drugs, and I was discouraged. However, Dr. Horner helped me in ways my conventional doctor thought was impossible. Her carefully-researched natural supplements corrected all these problems - and more! I highly recommend you put her on your medical team, too!"

                                                                                                                          - Anita A.

Dr. Horner has been treating me for almost ten years. I first went to her because I wasn't feeling good and my doctors were prescribing medicine that wasn't helping. I was taking prescriptions for acid reflux, allergies, asthma, and anxiety. My first appointment she spent considerable time to find out the cause of my health problems. She started to add natural supplements that actually healed me. I no longer take any of my prescriptions, and some supplements I only take when I need to. With any new health concerns, I always turn to Dr. Horner first. I don't want to take prescription medications with lots of side effects for long periods of time. My children have all seen Dr. Horner, and I've recommended her to many friends.

                                                                                                                          - Donna F.

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